Fabric leader Cocona Inc, has a new name: ThirtySevenFive.

Cocona Inc the high performance technology behind many of the world’s leading active apparel brands such as Adidas, Rab and Salomon is being re-launched under the new brand name of 37.5TM. The 37.5TM identity highlights the scientifically proven benefits of Cocona’s patented, active-particle technology which enables activewear products – and the consumers who wear them – to out perform others.

The 37.5TM rebranding symbolizes the brands unique ability to capture and release moisture vapour, whilst helping the body to maintain optimal relative humidity and temperature. The 37.5 technology therefore enhances the body’s natural thermo-regulating mechanism to quickly remove moisture from your microclimate and help to maintain comfort. Comfort for example is greatly influenced by the body’s ability to manage temperature and humidity next to the skin, in order to maintain an ideal “37.5 zone” of 37.5% relative humidity and 37.5°c core body temperature. Therefore Apparel constructed from 37.5 technology enhances drying rates, offers sufficient cooling to avoid odour retention, whilst importantly preserving more energy for longer lasting performance.

“The new 37.5TM name clearly expresses the benefits of our technology to the brand partners we work with, and to consumers who are seeking the best in performance activewear and other products. The 37.5 technology is designed to boost the performance of products and the people who wear them. If our bodies expend less energy staying comfortable, more energy can be directed into the activities we love.” CEO Jeff Bowman

Cocona Inc’s rebranding to 37.5TM succeeds in moving the brand forward, in line with its technological advancements adding value, whilst providing a leading performance edge to fibers, fabrics, laminates, insulation, and films used in over 60 top brands worldwide.

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