How Stein Mart headed overseas – MyUS

Sep 25, 2014, 2:40pm EDT – Jacksonville Business Journal      

If you are an international customer hooked on Stein Mart, the Jacksonville-based retailer has you covered.

The company recently launched an overseas shipping component to its e-commerce website, making the company accessible to more 200 countries.

To seamlessly put together international shipping, Stein Mart partnered with another Florida-based company: MyUS.com, said Sara Meza, director of e-commerce for Stein Mart. MyUS.com is a third-party shipping provider for the Jacksonville-based retail giant.

Overseas customers looking to have Stein Mart goods shipped to them, register with MyUS and is given a U.S. address where the items are sent. MyUS consolidates the packages and ships them overseas.

Meza said providing international shipping was a natural next-step for the company, which launched online shopping a year ago.

“We were looking at driving more traffic, and shipping internationally was one more way to do that,” she said. “We’re expanding our assortment of merchandising online, and looking to make it more cohesive across all of our channels. We have special shops and special trend shops that help encourage shipping.”

Another reason to ship internationally was because of the fan base Stein Mart has amassed from tourists who visit Florida. One of the biggest customer locationss: Canada.

“We have quite a few customers who snowbirds in Canada,” said Rick Schart, senior vice president for supply chain and e-commerce. “They live here part of the year. This gives them the chance to shop us all year long.”

After meeting with MyUS.com, Meza said the partnership between the two was natural. After a month of offering overseas shipping, she said the company has been very pleased with the results.

“Our benefit is to acquire new customers and serve our current customers,” she said. “The world is our oyster.”

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